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About the Artist

        As I observe nature, I've gained a better understanding of its symbiotic existence.

It satisfy my curiosity as I search for the fine details of information we usually ignore,

by pass or don't see ...


        The world of nature is honest and unpretentious,  but insist to radiate and successfully

demonstrate the harmony  between beauty  and imperfections.  Nature is never boring. 

Instead, it stimulates creative new ideas  with its endless allures  irregardless of the season

or the condition it is in...  presenting itself in countless colors, shades, tones, moods and

textures that make it so unique...   Undoubtedly, this is my constant source of inspiration.


        Nature's imperfection has it's rightful place in the scheme of things where beauty

comes out dominant, to be admired by anyone willing to stop  and notice its presence.

It allows itself to become the subject and the focal point of ones attention, letting

artists  to have a take at it ... to capture the weight, the grace, the countless forms in

complete  humble silence and exquisite flamboyant details.


        We can not separate ourselves from nature. The stories it presents must be

captured quickly while it suspends gracefully allowing the source of light to travel

through ... and every now and then gives us a stunning show especially as the sun rises

and as it sets.


        Nature with its imperfections dares us to paint  portraits,  floating in space against a boldly blank paper.


        It is those rare visual moments that we are given the chance to translate it into

real value of what we feel...  Man, nature and nothing else.


        That is what I  long to capture in my work.  Free and uninhibited.


        Finally ready, I share the world my point of view.


    E.B.F. Rodis-Jamero

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